What We’re Achieving

Young Hearts provides a social networking forum , where parents and children who share similar challenges, can come together to enjoy life. Our members and their families attend the events organised throughout the year – and all look forward to our annual Christmas Party.

Apart from being ‘The Voice’ of children with heart conditions in the counties served by the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, we will also, in some instances,  support our members financially by making a contribution to the extra costs that can be incurred when a child is sick. Over the past few years this type of support has increased as parents have had to fund the increased costs of travel from Oxford to Southampton. We contribute to hotel bills and care costs for other members of the family based at home.

Often a child will need a specialised piece of equipment to smooth the rigours of being cared for at home. We will often assist with the purchase of these.

We work hard at our various fund-raising ventures  to ensure we have the monies to achieve these goals.

We do not have any paid staff and all our volunteers devote their time pro-bono.
As we do not have an office, we work out of  Young Hearts’ Committee members’ homes, with any administrative costs being absorbed by the Committee.

Please support our work.

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